Stress and Anxiety

What Is An Anxiety Disorder?

Have you ever felt anxious? It’s okay to let your brain feel anxious sometimes, and more than okay to express your anxiety when you cannot cope up with it. It is okay to accept, vent and release such feelings, but the key thing you need to realise is if anxiety has an overwhelming pull in your life.

Mostly, feelings of anxiety pass when the situations triggering this response come to an end. However, in some people, stress and anxiety can last longer, affecting their brain for no apparent reason. When anxiety starts taking over your mind, you may experience difficulties in doing your regular work, or interacting with family and friends. Your thoughts may disturb you to an extent where you have somatic sensations like sweating, trembling, or shortness of breath. When you experience such feelings, you call it an anxiety disorder. 

However, this emotional disorder arises out of a learned response, and since, it’s learned, it can definitely be treated.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

The practice of Hypnotherapy enables your mind to countervail the effects of increased levels of adrenaline in your system, while letting it enter a state of mental repose and tranquility. Hypnotherapy techniques and language make you feel comfortable, and relieve you off the anxiety clutching your brain and hampering your ability to think positively. 

You are conscious enough to detect the prime movers of your condition, and discuss your circumstances without feeling overly stressed or anxious.

The practice of hypnotherapy allows you to:

  •  Enhance your coping skills 
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Shift your focus from any negative thoughts
  • Improve your sleep pattern
  • Become more active and productive 
  • Make positive choices again

When And Why You Should Ask For Help

Your emotional well being is as important as your physical well being. It is okay to let some stress barge in your life from time to time, but letting it go unchecked may not be the best thing to do. When you start wallowing in anxiety, it becomes easy for you to lose control of your actions.

An ongoing sense of anxiousness can paralyze your thoughts, affect your health, and interfere with your daily living. It can even lead to problems like:

  • Rapid, shallow breathing
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • CNS failure
  • Headaches, back pain, shoulder pain
  • Uncontrolled Trembling, Sweating, Nausea
  • Prolonged Constipation

It’s better to seek help and take the stress off your plate, before it gets a hold on you. The sooner you talk to someone, the sooner you’ll be on the road to recovery.

If you’re in need of a listening ear, we are here for you! Contact Healthier Mindset to arrange for a complimentary hypnotherapy consultation. We would love to customise a hypnotherapy program to suit your goals.

Stress Management Techniques

Our Stress Management Techniques Will Help You Finally Realise Your Full Potential

Could our stress management techniques be right for you? Luckily, the stigma around therapy and self-help is a thing of the past. Continuous stress often leads to depression and low self-esteem. Now is the perfect time for people from all walks of life to reach the best version of themselves through evidence-based strategies.

Problems Healthier Mindset Addresses

Through our daily lives, we can be forgiven for feeling inadequate or insignificant. These feelings come naturally in a society which often values what a person can provide over that person’s self-actualisation. With our help, we can empower you to:

  • Reduce the negative self-talk which plagues so many of us. Instead of stress management strategies which predominately involve self-deprecation, we can show you methods of controlling your stress positively.
  • Apply the growing movement of hypnosis for stress to your situation. Whatever your background and your history, there is every possibility that hypnosis will aid you in your quest for a life a serenity.
  • Recognise the triggers of anxious or depressive behaviours in your life. Once you realise where these responses originate, you’ll be uniquely empowered to avoid the causes. This recognition provides you with the keys to self-knowledge, a must-have when self-assessing positive stress management techniques.

It pays to be in the know about these management strategies before seeking help. This way, you can apply the correct coaching for your individual circumstance.

What You Should Know About Stress Management Strategies

The first step to learning about self-management of stress is to halt the negative self-talk, which is so common for all of us. Read on for more tips you need to have in mind to effectively manage your stress levels and consider which questions you’d like answered about changing your mindset for the better.

  • You’re not defective because you need some help! This belief is the most common problem our clients experience. It is entirely reasonable to have issues with stress regulation at certain times – life isn’t easy.
  • Realise that you are a person with inherent value and that these strategies are a way for you to manage constant human emotional stress positively.
  • Satisfied clients who have learned in-depth about stress management techniques or experienced hypnosis come out the other side not only happier but also healthier.
  • Continued anxiety caused by stress can bring about depression, insomnia, headaches and even constipation.

Why Our Stress Management Techniques Are Cost-Effective.

What’s the best investment you could make today? Apple stocks? Government bonds? Your friend’s pyramid scheme? Or a results-oriented stress management program that will help you to deal with stress more effectively in your day-to-day life? Make the investment of a lifetime: invest in yourself and never look back. Contact us today and begin reaping the benefits in both emotional and physical well-being, be it through hypnosis or the number one brain training system.

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