NLP / Time Line Therapy

What is Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP)?

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is used as a method of personal development through promoting skills such as confidence, communication and self-reflection. When applied as a therapy for psychological disorders, including stress and anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem NLP will assist an individual to achieve personal and work goals, overcome phobias, and address addictions. 

Since the 1970s, NLP has gained widespread popularity, enabling an individual to recognise and re-programme their brain. Putting aside the scientific name, NLP simply “makes sense” of your everyday life and the world around you. Understanding what makes you “tick” is the first step to addressing and improving your own lifestyle.

NLP helps you change the way that you observe and perceive your world, allowing you to build a different or more detailed outlook on life. It gives you an understanding of patterns of self-behaviour which you can consciously stop/start to achieve your goals and desires.

What is Time Line Therapy (TLT)?

Time Line Therapy (TLT) is an extension of NLP… Your time Line is how your unconscious mind encodes and stores your memories. TLT is how you tell the difference between a past memory, and a future dream. TLT is largely an unconscious process, and like remembering a loved one’s birthday, you may be more or less aware of it from time to time.

Understanding, combining and practicing NLP and TLT techniques gives the user an ability to re-evaluate past decisions. Whether conscious or unconscious, these past decisions affect our behaviour in the present. Who are you without your memories? Memory is your personal identity. TLT techniques allow you to work at an unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change inappropriate program

Healthier Mindset can customise a 4 week mentoring programme (1.5 hours a week) to suit your individual goals and lifestyle; personal or business. Shane can teach you how to transform your life using NLP techniques such as:-

Dissociation – Identifying your emotions

Content Reframing – Focussing on the positive, not the negative

Anchoring Yourself – Ability to change your mood/attitude

Rapport – Learning another person’s body language and responding appropriately

Influence and Persuasion – Ethically influence and persuade others

World leaders, including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, JK Rowling, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates and Oprah have all trained in, and practice NLP and TLT techniques. Oprah speaks about taking responsibility in our lives – controlling our own destiny.

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