About Shane

Hi, I’m Shane Horn, a Neuro-Enhancement coach, life & success coach also a proud father of two amazing kids. I have been working in the Fly in Fly out (Fifo) industry for more than 11 years and my position as a lead rigger has taken me to some of the most distant and spectacular parts of Australia.

Grateful for all the experiences that life has given me, I have always enjoyed travelling and working in remote locations, but more than that, I take a keen interest in the field of hypnotherapy, psychosomatics and the art and science of high performance human behaviour studies. It has always been my varied interests that pushed me to become better than what I have been in the past. In fact, my unique and unlikely combination of interests, self determination and strong beliefs have made me what I am today – a Master NLP practitioner, Time Line therapist and a Master Hypnotherapist.

Why life coaching?

I believe that each new pursuit lends you a different dimension to look at the world. From working as a rigger to travelling to the most dim and distant places in the world, studying human behavior to fighting depression and anxiety myself and operating an internationally acclaimed life coaching business, I have had some of the most unique and valuable experiences in life that I believe are worth sharing with the world. 

When it dawned on me that empowering others was my true calling and that it gave me a sense of inner peace and satisfaction, I decided to put Personal and Business Coaching at the top of my list. Today, I enjoy sharing the secrets of my success with my clients, and as much as I love doing that, I cherish helping them overcome anything that weighs them down so that they can achieve the same level of satisfaction.

My vision

My vision is to help everyone, across the globe, in accessing their full potential, whether it is for achieving their personal or business-related goals. I want to work with them, determine the source of their problems and formulate clear effective strategies for them so that they can always move ahead with confidence. 

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