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The effectiveness of Neurofeedback for improving Mental Health

What if you knew that the challenges in your life were only temporary.  Life should be like a video game!

We take life on, get results, move up to the next level.  Yet too often in the real world emotions overwhelm us and we get stuck.

Stress, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, and low self-esteem are all common challenges that you have the power to change.

Going to bed each night feeling like you haven’t made the most of every day can leave a person empty and disillusioned with life.

What is Neurofeedback

When coming for a Nerufeedback session what may you expect?  Well first of all, Neurofeedback is an advanced brain training system for children or adults.  It is so powerful is to known to have achieved positive results for brain injury in controlled studies.

The safe, non-invasive training interrupts the negative loops that lead to life-altering conditions, including anxiety, depression, Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

It excels if you find yourself stuck in a negative cycle of lack of focus.  Maybe you’re struggling to excel at work? Or, you are going through a difficult relationship counselling process; NeuroFeedback is a fast, natural, painless solution.

Finding affordable counselling in Gold Coast

To have Healthier Minds, we all require affordable counselling and therapy options, and in the Gold Coast during these times, it is a big issue. Providing fair and equal access for our clients is a priority, for this is a core value of ours at Healthier Mindset.

With our service, we hope to help navigate pricing issues to the best of our ability. Some clients find it expensive to pay the fees of private counsellors, coaches, and psychologists, and their access to affordable counselling is a real concern. 

For some therapists like Psychologists, Medicare and private health funds may apply to the payment, and these do help with the initial costs. However, these rebates are capped to 10 under the Better Access to Mental Health Scheme.

Steps to consider to help you find affordable counselling

  • If the counsellor isn’t a registered clinical psychologist, that’s ok it is the effectiveness of the sessions which matter.
  • Ask what the recommended fee is for counselling. 
  • For example, the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) recommended fee is $240 per hour. This is a benchmark, and at Healthier Mindset, the fees are much lower.
  • No practitioner can guarantee the result of curing mental illness. This is unethical. In return, understand that receiving help is important and the upsides and possible downsides of the work should be made clear.
  • So the question simply shouldnt be, ‘Is this the most affordable counselling?’ perhaps think ‘is this a reasonable price considering the gain?’
  • Please consider for all professional counsellors are generally only funded from your payment, and work outside the sessions meeting hours is required.
  • You may be eligible for or university student clinics or NGO’s for counselling. These are usually low cost, and one can still expect a high-quality service even for clients on a low income. The type and availability of sessions may be restricted, however.

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